We have a wealth of cycling knowledge in our Sutton and Sheen stores, from expert road cycling, to commuting, to mountain biking and children's bikes, Pearson mechanics are well versed in just about anything that can go wrong with a bike. Complete with full Cytec qualifications and certified DT Swiss Pro wheel builders, our mechanics are more than a match for any job and will have your bike repaired to the highest standards.

We offer a full range of services from puncture repair to a complete strip down and rebuild of your bike. Workshop jobs can either be booked in advance or you are welcome to drop off your bike for the next available slot for. We aim to turn jobs around within 1-3 working days, however this may be longer during peak season. At weekends we operate a walk in service where we aim to complete minor repairs on the day.

To make a booking please contact our mechanics - Sutton: workshop@pearsoncycles.co.uk - Sheen: performance@pearsoncycles.co.uk 
or call 020 8642 2095

Workshop Sheen


Prices exclude parts.

General Maintenance 

Standard Service - £55 + Bolt on fitting charges if extra parts require fitting

Full safety check
Brake adjusted
Gears adjusted
Tyres inflated
Wheels trued
Bearing areas externally checked
Full nut and bolt check 

Intermediate Service - £90 

As per Standard Service but allows for the fitting of extra parts required to complete the work required.
Labour is capped at £70 to avoid spiralling bolt on charges & parts bought in store!

Full Service - £140

All adjustments from the standard service.
Full strip down of parts.
Full clean and degrease of frame, wheels and components.
Regrease and lube components.
Bike rebuilt, fully tuned and ready for use.
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Full service voucher

Gear Service - £25 + Bolt on fitting charges if extra parts require fitting
Front or rear gear service
Includes new cable if necessary
Hub gear repairs could incur further cost*

Brake Service - £15+ Bolt on fitting charges if extra parts require fitting

Front or rear brake service
Includes new cable if necessary
For rim or disc brakes*

Single Repairs


Bolt on Fitting Charges

Puncture Repairs     Drivetrain  
Wheel only   £5 + Tube   Cassette and chain   £10
Wheel in bike   £10 + Tube   Chainring   £5
Hub gear wheel   £15 + Tube   Rear mech and cable   £5
Dutch style bike* rear puncture £25 + Tube   Front mech and cable   £5
      Bottom bracket   £15
Wheel Repairs     Pedals   £5
Wheel true   £15   Jockey wheels   £5
Spoke replacement and true   £20 + £2 per spoke   Hanger   £5
Hub service/new freehub   £15   Shifter   £5
      STI road levers   £20
Other Services        
Brake bleed   £25   Brakes  
Bottom Bracket replacement £20   Rim brake calliper   £5
Bottom Bracket shell tap and face £35   Disc brake system   £10
Headset replacement   £20   Lever   £5
Full mudguard fitting   £25   Rotor   £5
Bike build from box   £70   STI road levers   £20
New bike setup and safety check   £45      
Bike boxed for transport   £40   Wheels  
Damage estimate  £40   Tyres/tube   £5
Valuation £40   Rear wheel   £10
Tubular tyre fitting per wheel £40   Front wheel   £5
Tubeless tyre conversion per wheel £25   Axle   £15
Stuck seatpost removal £60   Spoke   +£5 + £2 per extra spoke
Groupset fit (supplied by customer)   £200   Dutch style bike * rear wheel removal £10
Group & wheels fit (supplied by customer) £250      
Bike build (supplied by customer) £300    Cockpit  
      Headset   £20
      Fork   £20
      Handlebars   £0
      Bar tape   £5
      Saddle   £5
      Seatpost   £5
      Full mudguards   £20
      Rack   £10
      Computer (wired)   £10
      Computer (wireless)   £5

*Dutch style bike surcharges apply if a bike is fitted with hub gears, hub brakes and a full chain guard and the repair involves removing of the rear wheel.

Drop off and collection


Open Mon - Sat 8:30am to 5:30pm

Sutton high street is open to vehicles until 10am, so you’re able to drop off and pick up your bike by car before then. Parking otherwise is in Times Square on Throwley Way, Sutton. Access to the High Street is quick and easy through Times Square shopping centre which is next door to the store. Please click here for directions.


Open Mon - Sat 8:30am to 6:00pm, Sun 10:00am - 4:00pm

Sheen has a drop off bay at the front (5 mins max) on Upper Richmond Road for loading, caution thre is a parking camera on this bay.  Safer option - drop off or park on the side of shop on Milton Road. Parking is free apart from 2 hours (10am-noon) where pay and display is £1 

We take bookings at both stores with the aim to return bikes same day unless an unforseen problem occurs. We are happy to store bikes overnight, fully insured and request pick up within a week. Please click here for directions.

Please note: Bikes left with us for over a month without prior arrangement will be sold or otherwise disposed of, sorry we have limited stoarge space! We will always attempt to contact you before this may occur.