Summit Wellbeing


Summit Wellbeing is a collection of physical therapists located upstairs in the Sheen Pearson Performance shop and you don't have to be a cyclist to benefit from our services. Our focus is on your spine, nervous system and overall musculoskeletal system helping you deal with that pain, niggling injury or performance issue. The function of your spine or a specific body part will be assessed and, where necessary, corrections made to improve your specific concern or overall body function and general health. Our team consists of Ricky Davis - Chiropractor, Anne Williams - Physiotherapist and Tracy Corbett - Massage Therapist.  You can use our services as a team or individually.

Ricky our Chiropractor uses specific examination techniques to assess your bones, nerves and general spinal function (including x-ray and postural analysis.) A bespoke series of specific spinal adjustments will return balance to your spine and nervous system. He is a qualified Cyclefit bike fitter and competes regularly in triathlon including an Ironman 2013.

Anne our Physiotherapist will assess your strength and conditioning - essentially your ability to activate the muscles required for optimal spinal/body function. A strength and conditioning program will be set for you to be done either at home or at the gym. Anne is also a triathlete.

Tracy our Massage Therapist will compliment recommendations from the Chiropractor and Physiotherapist by using specific manual muscle techniques to free abnormal muscular tension. Tracy has been racing bikes and rowing for years. She understands what it takes to have muscles that are ready to race, but is also great at releasing tension from muscles from other stressors life throws at you.

Pop up and say hi next time you're in the shop or call us on 020 3150 1533. For more information, visit

Summit Wellbeing


  • Chiropractic first visit (consultation, examination and X-rays – if required and taken off site) – £50
  • Chiropractic second visit (report on the problem and solution discussion) – £45
  • Taster 10 chiro sessions £400 (£40 each pre paid up front)


  • Physiotherapy first visit – £65
  • Physiotherapy follow up visit – £50
Summit Wellbeing

Sports massage therapist

  • Massage 1 hour – £60


Click here to take you to our Summit Wellbeing dedicated online booking system where you can book your first or regular appointment with our chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist. Or call 0203 150 1533.