Cycling has been booming in recent years, both as a response to people’s desire to be environmentally friendly and also as a way to save money in tough economic times. Consequently, companies are increasingly seeing cycling as a way to bolster their offerings to both customers and their own employees.

We provide a range of services to a number of different companies and organisations. See below for a selection of our corporate partners or take a look at our Public Sector partnerships.

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Unilever | Royal Parks | Timothy Everest


We provide a fleet of cycles for Unilever employees to use free of charge for both short trips, to and from local stations, and longer local commutes. The cycle fleet consists of both Brompton folding bikes and electric folding bikes, which are easy to store and transport, as well as fully adjustable to suit all employees’ sizes.

We provide on-going servicing of the cycle fleet to ensure that the bikes are always safe and ready to ride, as well as qualified cycle instructors to train employees in road safety and cycle skills. Unilever benefits from both a healthier workforce and a reduction in expenditure on rental fees for employees’ car parking spaces.

Working in conjunction with Royal Parks, we provide a cycle hire facility within the Royal Park of Richmond. Hiring a bicycle provides visitors with a means of better exploring the park, thereby promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle, whilst reducing the use of cars within the park, making it safer and more pleasant for visitors.

We offer a range of bikes, from comfort/sport off road bikes, to high quality road models, ensuring that all cycling tastes are covered. We increased the availability of the scheme by introducing a satellite hire facility to cover more of the park and provide customers with more choice as to their starting and finishing points. Partnering with local schools and community groups, we also offer cycling skills training via workshops within a safer, less heavily trafficked area.

We have worked with Timothy Everest to produce a customised bicycle, the Kipper, with Pearsons providing the bike building expertise and Timothy Everest creating its distinctive detailing. Alongside this, a joint range of cycle clothing is currently in the pipeline to be launched in the UK, as well as Japan, South Korea and USA, promoting British niche trade and industry in overseas markets.