A Difference In Fit:

How The Modern Industry Overlooks Everyday Athletes

Over the last few decades, there has been a growing predisposition for cyclists to choose bicycles designed and produced by larger manufacturers due to technological advancement. With fabled attributes of feathery lightweight and aerodynamic performance, this trend could be considered understandable. Although these machines may offer certain performance benefits that seemingly outweigh everything else available, there are a few pitfalls that these manufacturers bypass which can negatively impact the everyday rider.

While larger manufacturers undoubtedly have invested heavily within research infrastructure allowing them to produce an advanced product offering, the overwhelming majority lose sight of regular fit for the average cyclist. Through sponsorship deals with professional riders and teams, the vast majority of these manufacturers produce their range with a mind for superhuman anatomy and performance. Through this, many can overlook the much larger demographic of non-competitive riders where comfort and speed are equally paramount. Frame geometry and proper subsequent fit have a far more significant effect upon rider comfort and performance than weight or aerodynamics ever could. With that, despite the clear, pure performance benefit to professional riders through larger scale manufacture and technology, many organisations have not designed their equipment to be ridden by the average athlete potentially resulting in poor fit with impaired performance and comfort.

With these points considered, we feel that our industry has failed to provide many riders with well fitting equipment. To resolve this, we have designed our range to accommodate functional, practical and real cyclists using cycle fit data collated across the last decade. As explained by our PhD article published earlier this year, our range has been designed with a slightly taller front end offering a more upright position providing most riders with greater comfort and better control, perfect for long distances and less supple terrain. Similarly, we have provided the rider with a longer wheelbase and larger tyre clearances for more comfortable, stable handling.

Our offering has been formulated and built by the anatomy of typical cyclists rather than professional riders. With a developed template of practically applied fit data, we have made our range to specific technical specifications providing many more riders with a bike that will fit properly, provide lasting comfort and perform to the highest of standards.

Choosing properly fitting equipment requires expertise and time. If you would like to find out more about either our detailed fitting service or our current bicycle range, please send an email through to sales@pearsoncycles.co.uk or ring us on 0208 642 2095