The Pearson House Design (PhD) Geometry


Bicycle geometry can be defined as the infinitely variable shape of the bicycles main triangle as determined by the angles used between the main joints in the frame. This design means the bicycle can be exceptionally well tailored for individual riders and riding styles, hence why we at Pearson have built our own.

Pearson has been designing bicycles since what feels like the dawn of time, and since the days of the Penny Farthing, a lot has changed in the geometry of the bicycle. Our Pearson House Design (PhD) has been built from our bike fitting expertise and having seen thousands of clients through the doors of our fitting studio, we have designed our bikes to best suit a wide variety of shapes and sizes, without compromising ride quality or pleasure. 

Geometry Development

In the early days of bicycle manufacture, the geometry adopted by manufacturers was very ‘race’ orientated and had very few fundamental features to suit a more casual road cyclist. These features were generally set around parameters of aerodynamics and to some extent is relevant in more traditional manufacturers frames, making some less accommodating from a fit perspective. The PhD Geometry aims to be adaptive to all types of riders with the mission of achieving comfort, efficiency and pleasure from the knowledge that those long-term riding goals can be easily achieved.

A New Shape

The popularity of cycling has dictated this development in frame design and led in the simplest terms, to an adaptation of the main triangle and manipulation of tube lengths. Within the PhD, the geometry has been designed with tall headtubes (where the forks connect with the frame) and short top tubes (the tube that determines the bodies extension from the saddle to the handlebars). Despite these changes, all frame sizes retain a balance of comfort and agility, while also making them ‘fit’ friendly, allowing all shapes of the rider to attain the perfect position.

Within the Pearson range, we have adopted a doctrine of quality ride feel and fit compatibility with all of our bikes, from cyclocross to all-road and designed the geometry with specific features in mind, such as rack and mudguard fittings, disc brakes and extra-large tyre clearances. Combined with these attributes, we have also developed complimentary handlebars, stems and saddles that are fit-friendly too and in keeping with the Pearson mantra that everyone can ride a bike.

For more information on any of our PhD geometry, please contact or book your bike fit here.