Four Reasons Why Your Next Bike Should Be An Aero Bike  

While some think that aero bikes are a fad, we wholeheartedly disagree. Here are four reasons why we believe aerodynamically optimised frames are one of the best developments in modern cycling design, and why you should go aero with your next bike purchase. 

1.  Aero bikes are designed for speed.

If you’re looking to win races or beat your mates on rolling and flat terrain, the answer is simple - train. However, if like us you’d rather blame your lacklustre performance on your equipment, an aero bike will help to propel you faster than the competition in two ways. Firstly, through aerodynamically optimised frame shapes, an aero bike significantly reduces wind turbulence and drag, helping the bike cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. Secondly, the typically more aggressive geometry of an aero bike forces the rider’s frontal profile to become smaller, thereby reducing the most significant contributor to aerodynamic drag - the human body. Independent studies and product testing sessions suggest these factors that improve aerodynamics make a marked difference in the ability to gain and hold higher speed with no more exertion than before. So, while aero bikes certainly won’t make you a world-class sprinter, they can make a difference in the speed of your everyday riding, regardless of your abilities on the bike.

2.  Aero bikes are lighter than ever. 

Innovation within carbon fibre technology continues to shape cycling equipment for the better. When the first generation of aero bikes were released over a decade ago, the lack of technological advancement meant the sheer weight of their oversized and flattened tubes acted as shackles to the ground, thus giving aero bikes a reputation for being heavy and slow when the gradient pitched upward. Thankfully, technology has moved on, and aero bikes have now lost such limitations.  Recent carbon fibre technology has granted the current range of aero bikes significant weight savings, some easily coming under the UCI-legal limit of 6.8kgs. Without this added weight, the rider can ascend climbs faster than before, and employ aerodynamic advantage to tear down the other side at speed. Aero bikes now offer all the aerodynamic advantages, without any serious weight penalties.

3.  Aero bikes are increasingly versatile.

When aero bikes were first introduced, manufacturers were limited to fitting slimmed down rim brakes into tight spaces and routing cables around corners to reach them. This meant that stopping power was severely compromised and made the earlier bikes somewhat dangerous and only good for riding on flat straight lines. Maintenance was near on impossible without holding a PhD in Physics which is why this style of bike has had mixed success rates in the market. As soon a disc brake technology gained serious traction on road bikes it opened the door to great innovation on this previously faltering design, allowing it to become a viable model in anyone's range of road bikes. Alongside the advancements in equipment scientists have discovered that hard thin tyres may not be fast after all. Tyres of 28mm width have become the standard 'race' size, compared to the worryingly narrow 23mm popular in years gone by. This not only offers lower rolling resistance at surprisingly low pressure but also adds grip and traction too, giving a rider far more confidence to push their limits and across more varied terrain. We have designed our new aero bike ‘Cut to the Chase’ with disc brakes and the ability to take wider tyres for this exact reason. 

4.  Aero bikes are aesthetically pleasing.

Although this benefit is undoubtedly subjective, we think it’s certainly a valid point to make. As much as we hate to admit it, we cyclists are a choosy bunch. Riding a bike that looks good and fast, matters. Admittedly the thick tubes, aggressive geometry and deep wheels that define the AERO look might not appeal to every rider, to many, it personifies the very ethos of why we ride – to ride fast. A significant part of enjoying your riding is loving the aesthetics of your bike. If the look of your aero bike makes you enthusiastic about riding, then surely this should be one good reason to add it to your stable.