Precision Bike Fitting



Pearson Precision Fitting is a process driven system whereby any rider can be assessed to find their optimum position. An optimum position consitutes best comfort, efficiency and peak power output. As perfect a process to help evaluate position to purchase a new bike, as it is to improve the set up of an existing machine.


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Pearson’s technicians are accredited by Trek Precision Fit, who provide a comprehensive and rigorous bike fitting service which is constantly reviewed and developed to the highest standard. 


Trek has always believed that the training and skill of the bike fitter is more important than any technology. Trek UK dedicate many weeks in training our technicians, providing more expertise and hands-on experience than any other ‘bike-fitting’ system currently offered. In turn our technicians offer a service which meets the gold standard for bike fitting globally.


'The whole team at Pearsons has been unfailingly engaging and friendly throughout the process...' Phil Cavell (Director, Cyclefit)





"Of our total customer feedback in 2018 to date, 99.9% would recommend our bike fitting to a friend"

(Source: Precision Precision Bike fit Survey 2018) 



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A Pearson Precision Bike Fitting appointment takes up to three hours. It is a very personal and considered appraisal of an individual's cycling physiology, technique and alignment. 


Cycling and sporting history

Your technician will request detailed information of how long, far and at what level you have cycled in the past.

Future cycling aspiration

We need to know your targets and goals. It affects (in consultation with you) how far your technician will compromise comfort for performance - e.g. You will most likely use a different position for a 100 mile sportive to a commuting position, or an IronMan triathlon than you would use for a Sprint or Olympic event. Your position should be right for every event and occasion.

Injury/Pain concerns

We will be looking for underlying cause from your bike-position, set up and history - we are not physios or osteos but can refer you to recommended colleagues wherever necessary and mutually agreed.


Cycling equipment is generally symmetrical and fixed - it is therefore the body that inevitably has to yield and change in respond in the interface process. Asymmetry in our own bodies exacerbates this process. A Pearson Precision Bike Fitting will take account of these asymmeties and adjust the bike interface accordingly.

Ranges of motion

Particularly around hip/pelvis area and hamstrings - will affect fluidity of pedalling motion, posture and muscle-recruitment patterns. Posture can affect muscle recruitment, comfort and efficiency.


Can affect ability to hold good cycling posture, power transmission and stability of the pelvis as well as protecting the lower back from pain and injury.


Using spin-scan analysis we can build a picture of which muscles are being utilised in different sectors of the pedal-stroke

Cleat position/foot/arch-shape

The most vital interface for power and comfort - In cycling the leg's kinetic chain is closed by the pelvis/saddle contact at one end and by the shoe/pedal interface at the other. Your technician will devote a part of the session aligning and balancing your foot/cleat position. An optional custom footbed will be recommended for greater comfort, stability and power transfer.



Anyone who plans to ride a bike for any period of time should consider having their position assessed to ensure optimal effieciency, comfort and injury prevention.


All cyclists, no matter how long they have been riding or their ability, can improve their cycling biomechanics by having a thorough analysis.


We have seen many cyclists who have bought a bike without any assessment and have subsequently visited us with back pain, knee pain, neck pain etc. If you are considering buying a new bike and want to ensure that your bike will fit you perfectly and not cause you injury or discomfort, then you should book in with us before any decision is made.  


This section should not have to exist at all but for a badly misconceived 'shrink and pink' approach by so many manufacturers to women's bikes and frames. In fact it is our opinion that women have been historically poorly served in general by an often myopic male-centric cycling industry. In contrast a Bike Fitting session is the same regardless of how many ribs you have - you are an individual and your position and set-up should reflect exactly that.


The shrink and pink attitude is often spectacularly misguided - for example when manufacturers arbitrarily decide to use steeper seat-angles on their women's frame designs, when in fact many women have proportionally longer femurs (in relation to torso length) than men, they need need slacker seat-angle to get an ideal relationship to the bottom bracket and pedal axles.


Thankfully the climate is changing as many more women take up cycling and triathlon and are less inclined to compromise on comfort and performance. Many of the latest women's bikes and products such as saddles and handlebars do offer real ergonomic advantage to many riders.


When you have a bike fit we will take time and care to use the best selection of individual components to make sure that you feel absolutely perfect. There is no compromise.


Precision Bike Fit on the jig - £195

Our most popular session. Allow 2-3 hours one to one with our fit technician. Determine your optimum road, commute or tri position on our precision bike fitting jig. Range of motion test, analysis of shoes & cleats, through to full body position, Dartfish video capture and balance using Spin Scan power output. 

Precision 2 Bike Fits on the jig - £295

One session 2 positions. Allow 3-4 hours with our fit technician. Determine your optimum position for two types of bike or positions. Choose from road, commute or tri/TT positions utilising our precision bike fitting jig. Analysis of shoes & cleats, through to full body position, Dartfish video capture and balance using Spin Scan power output.

'On Your Bike Fit' - £125

You will spend approximately 1 1/2 hours with one of our fit technicians. Bring your existing bike to have a full assessment of your optimal bike position whilst on our turbo trainer. Your shoes and cleats will be adjusted for maximum power, efficiency, and injury prevention. Wedges, screws and footbeds not included in the price, allow up to £95

Bike Fitting Follow-up and Hourly Rate - £95 hour

For check-ups on customers who have already had a fitting, cleat fitting and alignment on new shoes, and anything else that we can help with. 


"I had a really enjoyable session with Tim. He took time to explain everything as we went along and I found the entire experience fascinating. I can’t wait to get back out on my bike again now. I love coming to Pearson’s, a really nice place run by genuinely nice people who put their customers needs right at the heart of everything they do. "



"I made it to Cannes - 1500Kn over 5.5 days...I had no injuries on the ride and I can honestly say that I think a vast majority of this was down to having a Pearson fitting. "



"As an inexperienced 60 year old cyclist, Pearson's fitting has been a great help to resolve all kinds of problems with the configuration of my cycle andposture. The process was thoughtful and has made a real difference to my enjoyment. I have just completed 225 miles to Paris on the back of the Cycle Fit. I am now definitely much more balanced than before. I don't think I could have done the Paris trip without a precision fitting. Perhaps you can pass this onto Morgan and James..."



"Having previously had what I thought was the market leading retail bike fit I can honestly say your fit was leagues ahead. Tim really ensured he took the time to understand my cycling requirements, what my body could/ couldn't do and translated that into the correct set up of my bike. It was a really personalised fit. He also gave me an invaluable insight into all things cycling, it was without doubt the best £200 I have spent on anything related to my new passion of cycling"



"I have say a big thank you even though my Cannondale will not be 100% because we discovered the top tube is far to long. When I purchased that bike I had no plans on getting back into racing so I was just going to make do with the way it fit. But as I am getting a new custom frame just for racing I wanted it to be spot on and I feel like it will. Tim is amazing and I enjoyed the entire fit process. Riding home last night felt so good I was looking for every chance I could climb a hill again thank you."



For further information or to arrange a Bike Fit, please contact us via or call 020 8642 2095.