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Thank you for your ongoing support.

We'll be resting our legs for 2019 and preparing for a grand return in 2020. Please keep an eye out for the launch later this year.


  Congratulations to all those who supported the Pearson Brighton Back Sportive 2018.

We are delighted to announce that our 2018 event has raised a total of

over £50,000 - a new event record.

An amazing effort and greatly appreciated by The Royal Marsden and all of us at Pearson. Thank you.

Please find the link to the event pictures - view here



The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity raises money to help the hospital stay at the leading edge of cancer treatment, research and care. It is a centre of excellence for people living with cancer, helping people of all ages from all over the country. Cancer touches the lives of so many people you know, and we at Pearson's owe a great debt to the Marsden, for the treatment that Roger Pearson (4th generation of Pearson to run the business) received battling this disease.


 All rider will be supplied with and should expect:

> Timing chips
> Route markers
> Photography enroute
> Speedy sign in for registration at HQ
> Marshalling points at strategic points on course
> Addition of a further feed/watering stop for the longer route - 3 feeds total
> Hot food and drinks available at HQ

Please be aware: There are under 18s entry available (Minimum age of 16) – but must be accompanied by an adult.

Route 1: Pearson 150 Brighton and Back



This route will take you south through the lanes of Surrey and Sussex, taking in the climbs of the North and South Downs, followed by a swift descent to the halfway marker at Brighton. There you can take in the sea air and refuel.  The second half of the route will take you north again, riding through exquisite undulating scenery to the finish. Timing chips will be clocked in and result instantly available. 3 feed stops on the course at Turners Hill on Dyke Road coming back out of Brighton and at Rusper.



Start and Finish: The Royal Marsden Hospital, (Institute of Cancer Research entrance) Cotswold Rd, Sutton, Surrey. Map here. Registration from 6.15am roll out as soon as ready!


 Route 2: The 70km Challenge Brighton One Way


70km route


This route winds it's way through leafy lanes in Surrey and Sussex. Taking in ascents and descents of the north and south downs, this course has been designed for novices and fun riders who would like to take on a real cycling challenge. It's a perfect opportunity to enjoy a great day of cycling and help raise money for the charity.


Start: The Royal Marsden Hospital, (Institute of Cancer Research entrance) Cotswold Rd, Sutton, Surrey. Map here. Registration from 6.15am roll out as soon as ready!


Finish: Brighton - Dyke Road Cafe (Feed stop for the longer route). Timing chips will be scanned and handed in and it will be the rider's responsibility for the return home.


Both routes are clearly marked by black arrows in a flourescent yellow rectangle. Please obey any warning signs.

Route arrows 

A map of the 150km and 70km route can be found here.

The latest gpx download for the course can be found here


To sponsor a rider for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity please donate here.


We value your support hugely so please join us and help make a difference to many lives which will benefit from your toil. For any additional sponsorship for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity please donate here.


Training Program

View our training programme for any mid distance sportive - here.


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"Like a drunken bridegroom on his wedding night, there was much sweating, grovelling and heavy breathing..." - Bike Chimp


Any help from volunteers will be greatly appreciated on the day please contact us if you can offer any time.

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